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May 11 2011


Testing Day 1- Reading

Scene: J, at his desk, tears rolling down his face. State test lady stands, bored, in doorframe, staring at her watch. MS D. kneels.

Me- What’s wrong?

J (weeping, not all that quietly)- “hhhow am i s-s-supposed to get f-f-forty-two if there’s only th-th-thirty three q-q-questions?!”

Background: J could very well not pass third grade. His grades are NOT pass-worthy. His test scores do not show that he deserves to pass. He reads at mid-2nd grade level. Just…not really there. J and I had several conversations in which I explained to him that for him to pass to 4th, he needed to score basic on the MCT2. Basic = at least 42% of the questions right. This has now been drilled into him at home. 42. 42. 42. Jadon knows that number. Back to the story…

Me- ….oh! 42% Percent, J! That means you don’t even have to answer half of the questions right! Lets shoot for…

J- “F-f-fifteen?”

Me- “Good math, J!”

Testing Day 2- Language

J- “This test is too easy…”

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  1. Mom

    Bless his heart. I hope the last day goes all right for him. Poor guy.

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