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May 12 2010


And then suddenly, we only had 11 days left. How it got from months and months and months left to suddenly, two weeks, I’m still not sure. In fact the only thing I really am sure of is that, having finished this year, I’m only slightly more confident in what I’m doing than I was this time last year. I am just as ready, if not more so, to be done…

Weird to me is the fact that I am, in almost all respects, finished with “Teach For America.” I know, I know, next year I’ll lead an ice group and a learning team, I’ll interact almost entirely with corps members, and I’ll teach with them as well (if I can get a job- are you there, God? It’s me, Unemployed.)

I don’t feel done. I don’t want to be done. It’s like when I graduated college and I felt like a baby bird, shoved seemingly prematurely and I know I’m going to spend the summer falling from the nest. This coming fall, I’ll wander around the ground searching for my program director mother, only to find that she’s almost entirely forgotten about me. If I produce data-driven results, will you love me again?!?!?!!?

I’ve become so much a part of this system that I’m creating feasible yet ambitious goals for my summer.

By the end of this summer, TOB(teacher-on-break)WBAT…

  • sleep in past 6:05 am on at least 80% of weekdays. (Weekends excluded)
  • survive 80% of summer days without talking about a specific child and what they did that drove me crazy (generalizations about how much you love children are accepted)
  • successfully transition from Arkansas to Mississippi while maintaining a blood pressure lower than 140/100
  • successfully watch the Cubs wallow in last place in the NL Central while maintaining a blood pressure lower than 140/100

Gross, or a recipe for a productive summer? Depends on who you ask… are you reading this, Wendy?

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  1. i can’t deal with any of the issues you address here.
    instead: WORLD CUP.


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