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Feb 23 2010

Why teaching 5th grade can occasionally be worth it

“Ms. Dilks, what does it mean when you said Henry was humping?” -Dallas (I said he was HUMMING)

“So Copernicus was like…nobody wanted to be his friend, just because he was smarter?” – Ayanna

“Well yeah,but how many people actually LIVE on Uranus?” -I don’t even know, but I will find it hilarious for a long time

“Ms. Dilks, I don’t have a favorite place…” -Kira, in response to our writing prompt.

“Well you better think of one quickly or I’ll make you write about school.” – me

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!”- my whole class

“I wrote about school!” -Makiya

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  1. Stennie

    Yay I just binged!! I love you Megh and I’m sending you a giant eHUG. Hit me with our other egg!

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