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Jan 31 2009


I attempted to write a happy post a few days ago, but my computer didn’t save it. All the best, since life has been less than peachy recently. My fifth graders are slowly becoming sixth graders, which is the age where all children stop being children and start becoming horrendous moving, talking, complaining piles of attitude. I wrote up Jasmine for disrespecting me and not following directions, and she read the disposition and literally yelled in my face, “WHAT?! I AIN’T BEEN BEING DISSPEC’FUL!” before pushing over her desk and slamming the door.

Step one: look up disrespectful. Step two: write me a letter about how, now that you know what it means, you can change your attitude. Right?

Other than that, life has been going strong. I’ve had tuberculosis for about 3 weeks now, but i’m….surviving.

There’s a countdown¬† in the hallway of days until the Benchmark test. It’s not daunting at all…

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  1. Cory McDermott


    I just found your blog and added it to my Google Reader. I’m looking forward to new posts and catching up on 6 months of magnificent Megh-isms.

    I’ve just begun my first semester teaching. Our experiences are similar, I teach an introductory class on engineering economics to university sophomores, you teach fifth graders in the Mississippi Delta and don’t get to sleep. Come to think of it, our experiences are quite different….

    Good luck out there, I find your stories to be inspiring!

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