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Jul 07 2008

On your marks…

I have less than a week left before I am in the Delta, and I have not been more excited about something in a long LONGGGGG time. I was nervous about college, nervous about graduating from college, horrified to come to institute, and now i honestly feel… excited? It is more a matter of me focusing on one emotion to overshadow the other ones lurking in the distance: terror, fear, and anxiety. TF and A. I went from Deltamusement to Deltanxiety.

This weekend was a 3 day weekend, thanks to the Fourth of July, which I celebrated in true Texas fashion by attending Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas (with fireworks sponsored by Shell). There were nascar cars there and 6 dollar beers and it was a wonderful escape from institute, and yet the first thought someone voiced once we finally made it through the line into the muddy stage area was, “what if one of our kids is here?!”

Is this what it’s like to be a teacher? If so, I’m going to need to seriously update my casual wardrobe…

We also had game night last night, affirming my belief that if given the opportunity, ALL people will play the game of Life and enjoy it. Or, in the case of Mr. K, he will draw the “Teacher” career after being the only one to go to college. He will then choose a different career, only to draw “Teacher” again. Some things are inevitable, I guess…

Tomorrow is my last Monday of institute, and the sighs of relief from the 700+ CM’s in Moody Towers have been audible all weekend. We have a lighter workload, and on Thursday we administer our end of the summer diagnostic to see how much growth our students have made. The big goal of the summer is for all our students to achieve 100%, and though I would imagine I did not invest thoroughly enough for them to even remember this as our goal, I think there will be inklings of progress. In writing, every one of our students has made positive progress towards their growth goal! This makes up for the fact that in math, according to the assessment data, we have some students with things like -283% growth. That’s fun to explain…

In summary, I am happy I’m at institute, but happier that in a week I will not be. I am closer and closer to calling a new location my home, and if it is possible to be homesick for somewhere you’ve never lived, I am.

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  1. Mom

    Lost my whole message…but there was a reason I shopped up in Red Oak for awhile. And then there was that time Daddy and I were at the store and I was tossing him apple juice across the freezer aisle when one of my kids came around the corner with her Mom. Or try shopping at any Walmart in any community in which we’ve lived. Or your Dad running into his former students all across the country in airports…take your pick:) And welcome to the pack. Love, Mom

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