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May 25 2011

Defining Statement

Everyone has a defining statement about this week. It’s their last day of their first year. It’s their last day of teaching. For me, my definite statement is:
It’s my last day of teaching in the Delta.
I don’t really like my declaration very much… First years get to rejoice at the wisdom and clarity that magically arrives with the title of “Second Year.” Second years get to breathe in deeply the calm that comes the day after their LAST DAY OF TEACHING. I get the realization that I’m not done teaching, I’m just leaving a place that I’ve been internalizing, appreciating, and working tirelessly to improve for the past three years. What fun is there in that?
While there are parts of me that are excited to teach next year (I’m assuming parts will come together to form a wholly excited me by the end of the summer), the majority of…

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May 18 2011


So….everything I’ve said in the past five months… scratch that. Reverse it. I’m teaching in Chicago next year.

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May 12 2011

Last Test Update

It should be known that Monster has just drawn an ACTUAL MONSTER on his scratch paper. Sometimes, ladies and gentleman, nicknames become too true for words.

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May 12 2011

J- Day 3

I look over to see that J, 40 minutes into his 55-question multiple choice test, has shown ZERO work. I walk over. J, able to anticipate my frustration- “See Ms. D, I been doin the work out in my head…” oh…because that’s worked out for you in the past, has it? good luck…

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May 11 2011


Testing Day 1- Reading Scene: J, at his desk, tears rolling down his face. State test lady stands, bored, in doorframe, staring at her watch. MS D. kneels. Me- What’s wrong? J (weeping, not all that quietly)- “hhhow am i s-s-supposed to get f-f-forty-two if there’s only th-th-thirty three q-q-questions?!” Background: J could very well…

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May 04 2011

Things I Leave Behind

Tempted to make a countdown of “days until I can ride public transportation” or “time until I start collecting until my unemployment,” I’ve opted for the much more poignant list of “Things I’ll be Leaving Behind.” This sounds, at first, like a resentful list of things that I’m happy to be leaving in the Mississippi…

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Apr 27 2011

Main Causes for Concern

I haven’t written in almost a month because I would feel guilty typing words like “I don’t want to be a teacher anymore” and “Every day I wake up, roll over into the fetal position and say to myself ‘I don’t want to see my children.’” These are the types of things I think it’s…

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Apr 07 2011


April has flown in on the wings of a very tense “March is dedicated to learning” month, and with it come some familiar bad behaviors. We’ve got the familiar: fight with your cousin/best friend/table partner over something mundane. cry about something stupid because you’re secretly stressed about something else (this applies to teachers and students.…

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Mar 30 2011

The Day After Guilt

A note sat on my desk when I returned from bus duty. “Is I am the one who got to come back to 3rd grade write back in give it to me tomrrow.” Maybe the guilt-tripping was a little thick today, a rainy day in which the lights were turned off and comments were made…

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I’m sure everyone who reads this blog who has taught or currently teaches understands the concept of Friday. Friday is a day in which the smallest tic can send you as an instructor into a whirlwind of hate, a sermon of “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW HARD I WORK TO PREPARE YOUR LESSONS AND YOUR QUIZZES…

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